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Corporate Law

Our goal in this practice area is to help clients understand and work through their business issues so as to enable them to operate successfully regardless of the economic climate.

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Insurance Defense

In a world where people file lawsuits over the smallest mishaps, it is important to protect you and/or your company from unnecessary or extraneous damages. Individuals often file claims against their insurance company for payouts that are within their policy. When your company is subject to such an attack, you need a lawyer who will offer your company or your insurance company the defense it needs.

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Business and Real Estate

Beachside Legal has extensive civil litigation experience. We are experienced trial and appellate attorneys. We represent clients throughout the State of Florida in all state and federal court and arbitration proceedings.

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Personal Injury Law

When an individual has been the victim of an incident that causes serious injury, they need an advocate to defend their rights.

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Insurance Disputes

You’ve paid your insurance premiums, month after month, year after year, so you’ll be protected in the event something happens to you or your family. When such an incident does happen, the last thing you need is to position that you have to fight with your insurance company to get them to honor the benefits they promised you.

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