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Insurance Defense Litigation

It's Important To Protect You and/or Your Company

In a world where people file lawsuits over the smallest mishaps, it is important to protect you and/or your company from unnecessary or extraneous damages. Individuals often file claims against their insurance company for payouts that are within their policy.

When your company is subject to such an attack, you need a lawyer who will offer your company or your insurance company the defense it needs.

We represent carriers on a variety of insurance defense matters, including commercial, general liability, transportation casualty, property, uninsured motorist, real estate broker and malpractice. We alsowe manage first- and third-party coverage disputes, which often involve coverage opinions or underwriting disputes, and we bring declaratory judgment actions relating to coverage issues, as necessary.

Insurance Defense Litigation

At Peacock & Abergel, we have been defending businesses, individuals, and public entities via their insurance benefits throughout Florida since 1991.

We offer personal injury defense for claims filed because of car accidents and other damaging activities, including but not limited to:

  • Vehicle accidents — heavy trucks and passenger vehicle

  • Construction defect defense

  • Premises liability defense

  • Insurance coverage and bad faith defense

  • Public entity defense

  • Products liability

  • Agricultural injury claims

  • Agent and broker defense

  • Defamation

  • Employment litigation

  • Homeowners claims

  • General personal injury defense

We will give you and your insurance company the defense you deserve

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